Drug Store Make Up VS. High End Make Up – Round 1


Drugstore Make-up Products vs Professional Make-up Products

This has been an ongoing debate. Ever since I started my journey as make-up artist in 2004, this question regularly arose. There are strong opinions on both sides, and everyone is entitled to theirs. If something works for you, it works. I just thought to throw my 2 cents into the discussion (wink wink)

(Please note this is just my opinion and you can differ from me. We all know what works for us. This is what I have found to work for me during my 16 year career)

Firstly, and very importantly, the products must be cruelty free. People are serious when it comes to knowing that the products you apply to their faces has not been tested on animals. Also, ensuring that the products do not contain any harmful chemicals is also very important. And lastly, you have to know that the products you use will deliver the quality the client expects from you. My opinion is that if you can check these 3 boxes, it does not matter where you buy your products from. 

Sure, I have had a couple of clients over the years that were a bit hesitant when I did not use the make of product they expected I would. It may have taken a little bit of convincing at first, but once they saw I could deliver on my promise of quality with said product, they were ecstatic. Each and every time.

Yes, we live in a world that flourishes on social media. Influencers drop names and show off their name brands to everyone, creating hype and a following. But ask yourself this question: Will having the latest Jeffree Star Make-up Pallet in your kit ensure that you deliver quality to your clients each and every time? Or is it something else? Is it not your skill as a make-up artist that ensures your client receives a quality service from you?

Don’t get me wrong. I am not bashing on the Professional Make-up brands. They are quality products and you will always have clients that demand that you do not use anything but professional products on them. 

I just feel the most important thing is the service you give. Do not shoot yourself in the foot just to have the brand you think you should have in your kit. Now before you light the torches and sharpen the pitch forks (yes, I see you there in the back…giving me that icy stare), I realise that not all products are equal when it comes to quality. This is where you would need to use your professional judgement.

If a reasonably priced drugstore product can deliver on the quality your clients expects from you, then why do you need to break the bank? If you prefer to use that higher end products, then do so. I just want to you to know that there are many options out there, and you need not confine yourself to one brand of product. The downside of social media is that we tend to compare ourselves to what others are doing, and we end up doubting our individual skills.

We need to go back to basics. There is no need to compete with what brand of make-up is in our kits. Each of us is an artist and it is your individual skill that makes you the quality make-up artist that you are. Let’s focus on upping our skills, improving our industry and keeping our clients happy instead of keeping up with the (Make-up) Jones’. This way we can rest assured that we give the best possible service whilst not overcharging our clients.

Remember, you are an artist. Find your flare and make it work for you. The sun shines on all of us.

I would love to see your comments on this. Whether you agree, disagree or just want to join the conversation, please post your comments on my page. Let’s try and build our industry (and each other) up.

Writtern by Riana Botha

Editor Hennie Botha