How Covid-19 Sparked the growth “Press on Nail” Industry in South Africa / Everything Beauty South Africa Facebook page

They say we are all in this together, all rowing in the same boat… not everyone agrees with this statement.

As someone who is working in the beauty industry, the above statement is not completely true; yes we are all fighting this together but NOT necessarily in the same boat.


We in the beauty industry literally feel like we are on a little raft, made out of bamboo, being flipped around in an angry storm in the middle of the ocean.

Some of us are single parents and doing nails, hair and beauty is our only source of income. Some of us have not been able to generate any income since 26th March 2020 and at this point in time it seems like we will only be able to do so on Level 1.

But not taking this lying down we as creatives started to think outside the box… and we are thus proud to introduce  PRESS ON NAILS!! J

As seen on my Facebook page “Everything Beauty South Africa”, the nail techs have started doing Press on Nails for their clients as a means of income. Not only are the sets to die for, but slowly and surely the South African market and clientele are coming to love this new trend. I feel it will be here to stay long after the lockdown as it has numerous benefits for clients. Being an express service (or express manicure as they call it in the US) it saves time and money, and you can have your nails redone once a week, quickly and safely.

Plus having press on nails means you will always have a new funky set available at a click of a nail tab (wink wink)

What are Press on Nails?
It is an enhancement tip, custom painted and measured to fit your individual nail. The nail is then glued onto the natural nail with a glue tab or glue for maximum wear. Easy as that!

Press-on Nail Industry Leader Alina Fox presents online courses ensuring that we as techs know the do’s and don’ts of this relatively new trend in South Africa. This is a billion dollar business in the U.S and many of our favourite celebrities and “It- Girls” prefer the press on’s as it enables them to change their nails at the drop of a hat. Whether it is for photo shoot or shows, they are able to change their nails weekly, even daily if needed, depending on the method used to attach the nails.

Using the glue tab method, you can change your nails as many times as you’d like without damaging the nail plate. At the same time you are helping your dear nail tech keep her doors open until Level 1. Win-Win for all.


Why use Press on Nails from your Nail Tech?

  1. You are helping your nail technician make a living while in lockdown
  2. She uses her salon quality product on the tip, ensuring long-lasting strong tips.
  3. You can change your nails during lockdown and after as many times as you want. You can even mix and match sets you order from your tech.
  4. You can order your sets and apply it at home.
  5. Scholars and students can have great looking temporary nails for weekend parties and events and have clean short nails come  Monday ( by using the tabs instead of glue)
  6. You can custom create a set of nails to match your dress for prom, wedding or event.
  7. Your hands will always look presentable.


Ask your local tech today if she can supply you with Press on Nails. Alternatively pop me an e-mail, and I will get you the name and number of a tech in your area that can supply you with good quality Press on Nails.


Here are some of our talented techs in S.A's Work.

Alina Fox

Press On Nails By Riana Botha


Tipsee and Co

Written by Riana Botha