Eyelash Extensions – What you should know about eyelash extensions | The Make Up Monsters

What you should know about eyelash extensions | The Make Up Monsters

We thought it would be a great idea to post this read on eyelash extensions.

We offer great quality eyelash extensions and our brides love this for their wedding day and even school girls have this done to enhance their appearance, but mostly, people have a misconception on the up keep or maintenance of eyelash extensions..

Read the below and make a descision if you are really ready for this commitment.

What you need to know about eyelash Extensions

DON'T think that all eyelash extension technicians are all the same.
We use different techniques, products and lashes, so ask your extensionist to show you previous work.

Don't be afraid to ask questions — after all, they’re working near your eyes. Be sure that they have an esthetician's license and are certified to apply lashes, and ask to see pictures of their previous work. Quality eyelash extensions should look defined, straight, and natural (even with lots of volume). If you can see glue, lashes stuck together, or crooked fibers, find a new technician.

DO compare prices.
For the most part, the adage "you get what you pay for" is true when it comes to eyelash extensions, and price dictates quality. But some lash artists overcharge and some undercharge, which is why looking at pictures of their work is so important.

DON'T go to a lash tech that hasn’t taken courses from a reputable company.

DONT'T touch lashes 10 hours after it has been done, it will damage the bond and early or premature shedding will occur.

Again, do your research on your lash expert. Believe it or not, you can learn how to apply lash extensions on YouTube, but do you want self-taught technicians applying glue near your eyes? Not only do training courses explain how to properly isolate each lash for extension application, they teach technicians about the chemistry behind the work and the ingredients in the glue. You need to be sure that they can verify there is nothing harmful (like formaldehyde) in the products they are using on your lashes.
DO know that lashes can be customized.
Just like your real fringe, extensions come in different thicknesses, lengths, and levels of curl to perfectly blend into your real lashes. You don’t need to have superdense, dramatic lashes — you can get more natural extensions that look like you've just applied a few coats of mascara.

DON'T forget to groom your lashes daily.
After each appointment, your tech should provide you with a clean spoolie brush to keep your lashes aligned. Lightly brush them throughout the day to avoid looking messy.

DO cleanse your lashes.
While you may be wary of getting your extensions wet, it's important to wash your lashes daily. Your eyelashes exist to prevent dirt and debris from entering your eyes, and this grime can build up on extensions. Rinse your lashes gently with diluted baby shampoo (one tablespoon of baby shampoo to one cup of distilled water) once a day.

DON'T use oil-based products near your eyes.
Oil destroys the adhesive on your lash extensions, making them fall off sooner. Borboleta recommends skipping out on mascara altogether. But if you can't bear the thought of going without, steer clear of waterproof formulas (which are oil-based). Be sure to check the ingredient lists on your antiaging eye creams, too.

DO switch out your pillowcase.
As if you needed another reason to love your silk pillowcase. Not only does it prevent wrinkles, but it also prevents damage to your lash extensions! As you toss and turn at night, your face (and lashes) rub against your pillowcase. While cotton causes friction, silk glides smoothly, meaning your lashes will last even longer.

DON'T be rough!
You will definitely be tempted to fuss with your lashes once you get your extensions, but do not pick or pull at them. Just like the hair on your head, your natural eyelashes go through a shedding cycle. Tugging on your extensions can cause your real lashes to shed prematurely. Unfortunately, just like your hair, lashes are not infinite. You can only pull a lash out so many times until it never comes back, so be careful!

Most important – DO maintain your lashes.
Just like you keep to a strict schedule for your waxing or hair color appointments, you need to go in for your regular eyelash tune-up. Get fills no later than every two weeks to keep them looking fresh, full, and even. If you wait to long, the lashes will grow out, and knot, It will also look uneven and "moth-eaten"

Please note that it is not advisable to de-bond a set of eyelashes  within 10 days of doing the procedure, de-bonder is only for when a few eyelashes remain, or when a technician have placed a lash incorrectly, 

The de-bonder is a strong liquid and can mostly be used for few lashes remaining.

Yes they are a lot of maintenance but at our salon, our clients are booked for fills every two weeks, and if a client feels that the extensions are to much of a hassle they can come for a de-bonding after two weeks, when lashes start shedding.

Love your lashes, and get the look this summer with gorgeous big eyes!